The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaning factory machinery can be a daunting task. There are many cleaning techniques that you can use, and each has its own pros and cons. It is important to consider what the benefits and disadvantages of a particular cleaning method are before you settle on it. One of the common cleaning techniques is dry ice blasting.


Dry ice blasting is a cleaning technique that is gaining popularity by the day. Much like sand or ice blasting, it is where solid carbon dioxide is blasted over a surface for cleaning purposes. When the ice makes contact with the surface to be cleaned, it rids it of dirt and then sublimes at room temperature leaving no residue. There are many benefits that come with using dry ice as a cleaning agent. They include the following:

1. Efficiency


Cleaning your machinery can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. First, you have to let the machinery cool down. Then you have to disassemble the various parts of the machine so as to clean them individually. Sometimes you may even have to move the machine to a specific cleaning area. When the cleaning is done, you now have to worry about reassembling your machinery.

With a dry ice blasting machine however, cleaning is made much easier and faster. You don’t have to disassemble your machinery so as to clean it. The blasts reach even the smallest of crannies in your machine thus cleaning it thoroughly. This saves you both time and labor, and in the long run you may end up saving a lot of money. Nothing spells efficiency better.

2. No Secondary Waste

Another perk of dry ice blasting is the fact that it leaves no secondary waste. This can hardly be said of other cleaning methods. The fact that the cleaning process leaves no “clean-up” can be attributed to its sublimating property. As soon as the dry ice makes contact with the surface being cleaned, it disappears into thin air, thus leaving no mess to be cleaned up.

3. Dry Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is also a dry method of cleaning in the sense that no water is used. This is particularly important in terms of safety, especially for machine parts that have electricity running through them. Additionally, it also means that you do not have to wait for the cleaned parts to dry before you can continue using your machine. Why, it is even possible to clean your machine while it is still running and not jeopardize your safety in any way.

4. Non- Abrasive

If you have machines that are sensitive to various chemicals, you should consider dry ice cleaning as the primary method of cleaning them. Remember that owing to its sublimating nature, dry ice vaporizes as soon as it makes contact with the surface that is being cleaned. This leaves no residue and thus there is no way the surface can get destroyed due to chemical residue. This protective nature of dry ice blasting ensures that your equipment lasts for long without getting damaged.

5. Environmental Friendly

In this day and age it is difficult to find a cleaning agent that does not pollute the environment in some way. This blasting, however, is an exception to the rule. The dry carbon dioxide used in cleaning is recycled, and does not in any way contribute to ozone layer depletion or global warming. In any case, the carbon dioxide that is released after cleaning is then reabsorbed by trees and other plants and is used in photosynthesis.

Besides, advertising your company and insisting that you only use environmental friendly products can be a great marketing technique. Many people are inclined to use products that are safe for the environment, and this will be good for your business.


The blasting is an efficient, economical and fast way to clean any equipment. Not only will your machinery be thoroughly cleaned, but you will also not suffer the inconvenience of having to disassemble and later reassemble your machine after cleaning. Besides, dry ice is not corrosive in any way, so you do not have to worry about sensitive machine parts getting destroyed. Moreover, this is a dry method of cleaning your machinery, which means that current cannot pass through the ice hence you are in no danger of suffering electrocution while cleaning the machines. Finally, it is environmental friendly, which is generally good for advertising.

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