LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum Review

LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum

For those looking for an upright vacuum cleaner with the new compact canister design, the LG Kompressor Drive Pet Care canister vacuum cleaner is a great choice.

It features all of the advantages of a traditional upright vacuum with a motorized brush, but also has on-board accessories (so there’s no need to worry about losing them) and the benefit of a compact canister.

The nozzle can be stored on the back or the side of the unit for easy storage. The compressor packs down the dust and debris, keeping it from re-emerging into the air when the canister is emptied.

Product Features:

  1. LG’s compression system packs away dirt, eliminating the cloud of dust that often results whenever the canister is emptied. It also makes room for three times the amount of dirt that other uprights can pick up before they need to be emptied.
  2. LG’s Dual Force suction has two extra air channels, which pull in dirt from both sides rather than just the center as traditional upright vacuums do.
  3. The motorized tool bar features an additional motor, which spins the brush to enhance the unit’s cleaning ability.
  4. The twenty-one-foot power cord rewinds automatically for easy storage.
  5. A telescoping extender and a two-in-one dusting brush and crevice tool come standard.

LG Kompressor Drive Pet Care Pros:

  1. This product is exactly what LG promises that it will be – It is as easy to assemble and use as advertised. It moves easily across the floor, even reaching under low furniture.
  2. Light weight – The LG Kompressor canister vacuum cleaner is known to be a very light weight cleaner. Many buyers noted how much lighter it was when compared to their previous vacuum cleaners.
  3. Great vacuum for pet hair and dirt – This vacuum is made to get rid of a large amount of pet hair. If you have more than 3 shedding pets, this is perfect.
  4. Does a great job on all floors – The LG Kompressor canister vacuum cleaner can work wonderfully on all different types of floors. This includes rugs, wood and even tile floors.
  5. The filters are very easy to clean – If you dislike disposing of vacuum bags, you will enjoy just how easy the piece is to clean.
  6. This vacuum is easy to pull – Because this is a canister vacuum, you pull it around behind you. The LG Kompressor canister vacuum cleaner is super light weight while pulling as well.
  7. No vacuum bags – You save a ton of money using a bagless canister vacuum such as this one.
  8. Powerful – The suction is so powerful that it almost propels itself rather than having to be pushed. It even cleans up the dust in the crevices between tiles.
  9. The compressor is very effective – The dirt doesn’t move around in the canister, it actually does get packed down.
  10. It is wonderful to not have to worry about changing bags and the unit is very easy to clean and maintain.

LG Kompressor Drive Pet Care Cons:

  1. The canister is quite small – The LG Kompressor canister vacuum cleaner requires to empty the canister multiple times.
  2. The hose clogs easily – This happens if you work the hose over bigger pieces of dirt.
  3. The hose isn’t flexible enough, making it somewhat awkward and the extension is quite heavy on the LG Kompressor PetCare.

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