Eureka 4870MZ Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Review

When it comes to cleaning houses and offices, there are few vacuums that really get the job done. Dirt and debris tracked in from outside and fur and dander from indoor pets work their way down into carpeting, beyond the power of brush tools and suction to remove.

Every new innovation promises to solve the problem, but nothing ever really succeeds. Eureka’s engineers sat down to solve this problem once and for all, and came up with their latest upright vacuum, the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner.

The Eureka Boss is the best choice for those who want their homes to be truly clean. This powerful upright can handle everything from heavy duty jobs to light household cleaning.

This model features Direct Air Control, which includes an air selection switch that can aim the unit’s suction power into deep carpet pile or the hose, so that every surface and floor in the house can be thoroughly cleaned.

Product Features:

  1. One-year limited warranty. Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 45 inches
  2. Accessories are stored on the body, and the hose stretches to reach windows and ceilings. Thirty-foot power cord.
  3. The base of the unit is fifteen inches, covering a wider path.
  4. The brush roll is motorized and has seven height settings, as well as a HEPA filter.
  5. The unit’s 12-amp motor is suitable for both hard flooring and carpets.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac Pros:

  1. Great suction – The Eureka 4870MZ has a great amount of suction that allows you to pick up every single thing on the floor.
  2. Great deal – The price of the vacuum is great considering all of it’s features.
  3. Long cord – One reviewer noted that they only had to move to another plug twice to vacuum the entire apartment. The cord is made long to allow you only plug it in a few times.
  4. No dust emissions – The Eureka Boss 4870MZ has no problems with any extra dust that can cause allergies to form.
  5. Cleans carpets – Many reviewers noted that the vacuum really cleans the carpets better than ever. You can trust that the machine will do its job.
  6. Filters – The Eureka Boss 4870MZ has a few filters that need to be changed. They are both easy to change and get access to.
  7. Repairs are easy – Rarely does the Eureka Boss 4870MZ have issues but if it does, the parts are readily available online.
  8. The power paw attachment – This attachment is made to clean those small areas you can’t normally get. Many reviewers bought this vacuum because of this attachment alone.
  9. Moves easily on carpet – The Eureka Boss 4870MZ moves great when you use the beater bar.
  10. Great attachments – All the attachments included with this upright vacuum work extremely well.
  11. It’s almost an all in one – Many people considered it as close to an all in one vacuum as they can get for the price.
  12. Versatile – The Eureka Boss 4870MZ works great on hard floors as well as carpet.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac Cons:

  1. Heavy – The Eureka Boss 4870MZ isn’t as light weight as other models currently on the market but any vacuum that has good suction is heavy because of the motor required.
  2. The Eureka 4870MZ does make a lot of noise, but it’s worth it for the powerful cleaning.

eureka boss upright vacuum

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