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Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC28 Animal is a full size, bagless upright vacuum designed for pet owners. Its powerful AirMuscle technology is a combination of three elements: a pneumatic actuator, a powered cam, and a high-torque clutch. This allows the vacuum to thoroughly clean any kind of floor surface.

The model comes with a flat head, allowing it to reach under low furniture like ottomans and television stands, and its mini turbine head pulls pet hair and dirt out of rugs, upholstery, carpets, and small spaces such as the crevices between floor boards.

Dyson’s Root Cyclone system means that this model, like its other devices, won’t lose suction while in use. It doesn’t need bags and its filter can be washed, so there are no additional costs.

Product Features:

  1. This upright vacuum works on all floor surfaces, and its motorized brushbar is designed for households with pets.
  2. Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology creates consistent, powerful suction that won’t clog or wear down.
  3. The AirMuscle system combines three different types of cleaner head, so that the device can adjust precisely to any floor surface without sacrificing power.
  4. The bagless canister holds 5/8 of a gallon; the model is certified asthma-friendly and features a lifetime HEPA filter and a quick-draw telescope extender. The vacuum measures 42.1 (H) x 13.5 (W) x 14.3 (D) inches.
  5. It comes with a five-year warranty.

Overall, the Dyson DC28 Animal is a really great upright vacuum with great suction, is easy to handle, is well built and does a great job!

Dyson DC28 Animal Pros:

  1. Can handle daily use – The Dyson DC28 Animal is made for heavy duty use and can stand being used daily if you need to.
  2. Very strong suction – This vacuum has a powerful suction that few machines can match. The suction is as good as advertised – it really is incredible.
  3. Easy to use – The Dyson DC28 Animal is very easy to use and clean. With a push of a button, the work is half completed.
  4. Long cord – Many reviewers noted that because the cord is so long, they only had to plug it in two or three times at most to clean their whole home.
  5. Nice features – People buy the Dyson DC28 Animal because of it’s long list of great features. You can’t find the same features in other vacuums. Dyson’s AirMuscle system truly is different and more powerful than other vacuum models.
  6. Works on all types of floor – The Dyson DC28 Animal is made for carpets, tile and even hardwood floors.
  7. The telescopic handle – This tool is great because it acts like a hand held. It’s perfect for getting into every nook and cranny you can find while cleaning.
  8. Worth the investment – Many reviewers noted that while the price was high, the machine is long lasting. One reviewer noted that they had theirs for over 7 years.
  9. Picks up everything – The Dyson DC28 Animal is great at picking up pet hair and everything else that might be on the floor. It picks up not only visible dust and debris, but pet dander and other particles that drift down from the air.
  10. Clean carpets fast – You can clean your carpet quickly and just have to empty the canister in a push of a lever.
  11. The flat-out head is great – possibly the best vacuum accessory ever made. It handles easily, and the extending handle and the other accessories are really useful.

Dyson DC28 Animal Cons:

  1. It’s a heavy sweeper – Some people found the Dyson DC28 Animal to be hard to push. They also found the wand hard to use. There are other Dyson models that are lighter than this one.
  2. Wand is a little short – A few people found the hose to be shorter than they needed.
  3. It doesn’t feature on-board storage for the accessories.
  4. The Dyson DC28 Animal, like Dyson’s other models, is more expensive than similar products.

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