Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine Review

When it’s time to get serious about the health of your carpets, you don’t want to waste your money on some cheap and ineffective carpet machine. Instead, consider the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner.

It cleans better than even the leading rental machines and will end up saving you a lot of money if you clean your carpets frequently.

Let’s face it. Having carpets in a home means they’re going to get dirty. If you have pets, they’re going to get REALLY dirty. But with the Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine, you can ensure that your carpets stay in like new condition for much longer than they would otherwise.

Imagine, carpets that last for years upon years over what they would without deep cleaning. The plain and simple truth is this: Vacuuming is just not enough to save the health of your carpets. You need a machine like this to keep your carpets in pristine condition.

The Rotating DirtLifter Power Brushes provide you with the ultimate carpet cleaning experience. They lift more dirt than the competing models and you’ll find that your carpets are dry in just 2-3 hours. No more getting your feet wet walking across a soggy floor!

This Bissell comes with a flow indicator system that lets you know when to check the tanks. And, with the clean and dirty tanks able to be removed, you can refill them quicker than the stationary types. You can even clean the stairs with the included cleaning wand and generous hose length! The people have spoken, and this is the best value on the Internet for deep cleaning carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more.

Bissell Big Green Features

  1. Patented Rotating DirtLifter Power Brush System
  2. Flow Indicator Tank Monitor
  3. Removable Clean And Dirty Tanks For Quick Refilling
  4. Cleaning Wand And Hose For Stairs And Upholstery
  5. Cleans Faster And Better Than Rental Machines
  6. Five Year Warranty
  7. Professional Performance At An Affordable Price

If you compare the cost of this machine to what you’re actually getting, you’ll realize what a good deal it really is. Renting a carpet cleaning machine, multiple times, year after year, can cost you a lot of money.

Having the Big Green deep cleaning machine there to eliminate that costly expenditure is exactly what you need to save a bundle. Not only that, but you also won’t have to load up the machine into the back of your car or call the carpet cleaning company to come over anymore.

It costs around $50 dollars to rent a machine for a day and get all the chemicals you need to clean your carpets properly. If you use a rental machine three days per year, over the course of 5 years, you’ve already spent way more than what it costs to own the Bissell Big Green.

But the Bissell Big Green will last for more than five years and does a better job! So it makes more sense to own this product rather than rent from Lowes or Home Depot. See? Owning the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine makes a lot of financial sense.

Bissell Is The Most Trusted Name In Home Carpet Cleaning

It’s true! Bissell has made an exceptional name for itself with home carpet owners everywhere. If you look at the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that the Bissell cleaning solutions have done especially well. Their other cleaning machines have done well too, but none of them can match the intense and thorough cleaning ability of the Big Green.

In a side by side comparison, the Bissell Big Green outperformed a leading competitor brand. It lifted the dirt and left the carpet looking much cleaner and nearly dry. The competing model left the carpet wet and didn’t do a very good job of lifting the dirt and water. It looked like it left dirty water behind.

Bissell Big Green Pros:

  1. Extra long power cord means no constant plugging and unplugging all the time
  2. This machine has a huge cleaning tank – Much bigger than competing models and that means longer run times
  3. Included hose for the wand is exceptionally long – Perfect for cleaning long flights of stairs
  4. Carpets dry very quickly after using the Big Green – After 2-3 hours your carpets are 100% dry!
  5. Included instructions are easy to read and follow
  6. Will get out the toughest of stains like gasoline, blood, and dried fruit juice
  7. Old carpets can be revived to like new condition with this machine – Simply amazing
  8. This machine is worth the cost if you plan on using it more than three times a year
  9. Pretty easy to push around for almost everyone – Comfortable handle position
  10. The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is perfect for people that have tons of carpet to do – The large capacity tanks make it easy!
  11. Comes with a free 24 ounce bottle of Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
  12. You’ll be amazed by the amount of dirt and grime that comes out of your carpets
  13. Is safe to use the cleaning wand on car upholstery to keep your interior looking new
  14. Outperforms professional machines that you pay to rent by a landslide
  15. Replacement parts like the upholstery attachment are cheap to replace if you break them
  16. When you run out of water in the clean tank, the flow indicator conveniently lets you know

Bissell Big Green Cons

  1. Heavier than most other carpet cleaning machines
  2. Super long hose lacks a storage feature
  3. Too expensive for some peoples budgets
  4. Large size makes it difficult to use in very small spaces

Helpful Tips

  1. Inside the collection tank is a piece of cardboard and cleaning solution – Make sure to remove it before use
  2. Traveling with the Big Green is easy because it folds up! You can even clean your friends carpets if you want to!

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